A match made on the water

IMG_0229We first met on the beach…

Neil offered to carry my board for me, landed my kite and I’m not sure what else – I wasn’t paying any attention! After that he sent me a few Facebook messages but I still didn’t show him any interest. A few months later he invited me to church and some other kitesurfers to church and I agreed. And the rest is history I guess. We started seeing each other every day, going kitesurfing together and travelling to Kitesurfing competitions together.

I think the thing that really made me fall in love with Neil is his ability to perfectly wash and dry my wetsuit, harness and bar. (Pay attention guys!) He also effortlessly pumps up my kite for me each session without fail!

I love our high fives, waves and smiles when we are out on the water. I even love the way we have to shout at each other when the wind is so strong we can’t hear each other. Some of our memorable sessions have been kitesurfing together in almost 50knots, kitesurfing for the Top Billing TV show and that session two weeks ago when we were the only one’s out on the water in the middle of the day.


Neil is like my personal kite assistant, photographer, repairman, and rescue assistant. (He always makes sure he is kiting upwind from me so that he can easily rescue me if need be)

So of course it was only appropriate for him to propose to me in Langebaan – claiming that we needed to go there to check out new Kite spots!


I know our relationship will last because we have been through cold winter conditions and hot desert winds. We have lasted through the broken kites, injuries, and lost and stolen gear.

We have even managed to survive when there was no wind at all!


In just the two years that we have known each other we have been to Egypt and Thailand together (and kitesurfed in Egypt!) and we were on a TV show together to showcase our kitesurfing skills. I am so excited for next two years, twenty years and into eternity.


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