Summer competitions 2016/2017


Spring has arrived in Cape Town! Not only have the flowers started blooming, but the warmer weather and summery winds have started to show up too. I am so glad the freezing wintery sessions are slowly ending and soon we will be able to kitesurf without our fingers turning blue! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve actually been enjoying some our winter kiting expeditions, like kitesurfing in new places, new wind directions and even kitesurfing during a rain storm. But in summer the East wind is guaranteed to blow almost everyday, and nothing beats that!


The first competition of the South African Kite Tour starts in October and I am so excited for it, as it is being hosted in Cannon Rocks, the place where I learnt to kitesurf and called my home for many years.

Besides the Tour’s competitions, the South African Kite Association also has a whole lot of fun competitions coming up all over the country and even in Mozambique. If you have never competed before the good news is you don’t have to be pro to enter any of these competitions, they have different divisions according to your level of riding, so why not enter one?

Check out their extensive events calendar at:

And here’s to a great upcoming season!

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