My sunscreen faves

Top 3 sunscreen favorites… and my favorite foundation and lip balm containing SPF!

Being a professional Kitesurfer, amateur surfer and all-round beach babe, sunscreen is a crucial part of my routine! Since I spend so much time in the sun, wind and water, it is not enough for me to just grab any sunscreen off the beauty store shelf. I have always made sure my sunscreen was water resistant and SPF 50 but I knew that that simply wasn’t enough. The way you protect your skin from the sun now, will affect how it looks later on in life. So I decided to try out a range of different sunscreens to find out which ones really work and here are my favorites…



  1. Dermalogica (Sport Protection 50 – SPF 50)

Why I love it: I’m a #dermajunkie. I absolutely love Dermalogica products in general, and once I tried the sunscreen I was hooked. It’s lightweight, creamy texture rubs evenly over your skin and isn’t at all sticky or greasy. I also love that it comes in a such a large bottle so you can use it over your whole body and it will still last you a long time. When it comes to sunscreen , you shouldn’t have to use it scarcely! The great thing about this particular sunscreen is that it keeps your skin hydrated while you are in the sun. It is also water resistant for up to 40 minutes.



  1. Back 2 Nature (Surf Zinc)

Why I love it: I love Back 2 Nature since all their products are not only handmade in Cape Town, but they are also made from natural Vegan, preservative-free ingredients and they are not tested on animals. I love the sunscreen they offer since it contains Zinc oxide which is considered one of the best ingredients for sunscreen. Note that this particular sunscreen is only for your face since it’s a paste-like consistency and comes in a small jar. But don’t let the small jar fool you, this will last you a long time! One of my favorite things about this particular sunscreen is that all the natural, nourishing oils in it makes it smell SO good. To me, it smells like chocolate coconuts!



  1. Eucerin (Sun Lotion for body & Anti-age sun fluid for face SPF 50)

Why I love it: I have always loved Eucerin products and so of course I love their sun screen products. I tested the extra light sun lotion and the anti-age sun fluid for your face. The sun lotion for your body is great because it’s extra light! This sunscreen is best for your body, so if you want to use sunscreen on your face, rather use the sun fluid for your face. I really enjoy the sunscreen for your face since you could use it daily on your face in your every day life, not just when you are going to the beach! It is lightweight, so it doesn’t feel like you are wearing sunscreen. And it’s anti-ageing, so no complaints here! This is suitable for normal skin types, so if you have very oily or combination skin or are prone to acne, rather try the Mattifying sun fluid on your face.



Best make-up  with sunscreen


Chanel (CC Cream)

Why I love it: When choosing a foundation, coverage is not enough. Did you know that you also need to protect your skin from the sun when you are indoors? UV rays from bright lights and light coming in through windows can damage your skin without you even realising it. Chanel CC cream is one of the only foundations I have found that nourishes your skin and contains SPF 50, without compromising on coverage. It also contains Zinc Oxide. Added bonus feature: all Chanel make-up has a scent of rose in it.

NOTE: SPF can sometimes make your face look white when you take photos with a flash, so don’t wear this at night if you know you are going to be taking pictures!


And for your lips…


Labello (Sun Protect for lips SPF 30)

Why I love it: It is important to keep your lips safe from the sun too! I love this lip balm since it contains SPF 30 which is quite high for a lip balm. It also makes my lips super soft and doesn’t leave a white residue on your lips like some other sunscreen lip balms do. I use it daily, even when I am not going in the sun!


If you’re anything like me and you need to get out in the sun to feel alive and revived, just make sure you are ALWAYS applying sunscreen before hand!

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