Top 3 GoPro mounts for Kitesurfing


If there’s one thing Kitesurfers love, it’s photos of themselves Kitesurfing!

Once you get a waterproof camera, you need to get a mount or two to position your camera in the perfect place to get that interesting angle for your photos and videos. There are so many GoPro/Action camera mounts out there these days which are mostly all good. But if you are using your camera for kitesurfing, then these are the best ones that I would recommend.


  1. Floaty Stick Mount


Pros: This is my favourite! The pros are that it comes with a wrist strap so that if you drop it, it will still be attached to your arm. It also floats and it is bright yellow, so if you do happen to drop it, you won’t lose your camera! You can get some great selfies like this or use it to film someone else too. The thing I love about it is that you can control where you point it to film exactly what you want.

Cons: If you get tired of holding it you will have to give it to someone else or go put it away. Some also feel that it is difficult to hold since it is not as thin as a regular selfie stick, but I actually prefer it to a regular selfie stick and don’t find any trouble holding it.



  1. Mouth mount


Pros: It takes the most amazing footage and photos. You can easily kite and use both hands since the mount is in your mouth. You can also take it out of your mouth and hold it in your hand to get a different angle for your filming. When you get tired of holding it in your mouth you can also just hook it into the top of your wetsuit. Another great feature of this mount it that you can put it on the beach and use it as a little tripod. It comes with a string to put around your neck and a floaty to attach to your camera, so you also won’t lose this baby!

Cons: Not everyone will like holding the mount in their mouth for a long period of time, but I found that after a while you almost forget it’s there. Also, it films upside down, which is not so much a con as it is something to take note of.




  1. Kite Line Mount


Pros: It stays on even when you crash so you don’t need to worry about that. It comes with elastic bands to secure it into place. Alternatively, you can even use a hair band if you lose the elastics. It films from a very interesting angle and you can easily film your tricks with this mount. This mount is great to showcase your freestyle tricks, big airs or wave riding.

Cons: It takes time to get it set up and is tricky to use in the beginning, but worth it!




Other mounts I enjoy:

I also like the Strut mount. You can take amazing photos of your surroundings from high above, especially if you are Kitesurfing in a beautiful scenic area or if the water is particularly clear and blue. It films from so far away, so you don’t get to see a lot of the actual Kitesurfer. If you crash it could fall off of your strut, so only use this one when you know you won’t crash 😉 The Board mount is also fun to use and you get to have a unique view of your riding from your board’s perspective.


Where to buy?

Not all mounts are created equal! I have had a few bad experiences with poor quality mounts so my best advice would be to #GoXtreme

You can buy all the mounts mentioned in this post and more from Xtreme XccessoriesThey have all the mounts you could possibly think of and they are very high quality, affordable and come with a full 1 year factory warranty.

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