Coral (Poem)



(A poem about an ancient piece of Coral I found in the Egyptian desert)




Out of the countless ones

you were chosen. You were just right.

Intricately formed, though plain

Like papyrus.


You blend in

though I cannot pass you without

your eyes piercing

straight through me.


I stare back at your dark eyes.

They speak volumes of adventures.

They have been worn away

with years of tears.


Have they seen the sunlight

beat down on the Bedouin?

Have they wandered

with the wise men?


I dare touch you. I hold you.

I feel your desert face

your deep set, dead straight wrinkles

lined with the wild winds


I fantasize

about your once lush,

moving and growing



You speak out

with a voice like tiny shells and instantly

I smell the sea air clinging

to your stout body.


You held the colours of the ocean

in your eyes

my ancient one

but still, I love you.


© 2017 Michelle Sky Hayward, All Rights Reserved. 



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