Over the December holidays I spent some time in Cannon Rocks, on the Eastern Cape of South Africa, where I finally got to do a little project that my dad and I have been planning for ages! Our plan was for me to be towed on the Boknes lagoon by a horse. It worked so incredibly well – much easier than I could have imagined! My little sister, Kayleigh, was also able to go and then we were even able to go at the same time!

Check out the drone footage ↓

And some photos! ↓









As the morning progressed, the beach started getting busier so we decided to stop our “horse-boarding.” But since our horse rider, JC Schoeman, had brought so many horses with to the beach, he decided to start giving free horse rides to all the kids on the beach. Thanks to my dad for orchestrating the day and thanks to JC for being our cowboy for the day and for always giving back to the community so selflessly. And no Kayleigh, I didn’t forget about you – thank you for sharing this experience with me and for making the video! Check out the little video my sister made here → HERE


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