Red Bull KOTA 2018: Day 1

Fueling up for the event thanks to Carluccis Blouberg

In my previous post I spoke about how I was only going to do work for my own social media and blog during the event. Well that all changed very quickly when Kitesoul Magazine asked me to do a report and photos for them and North Kiteboarding asked me to do an Instagram takeover with live updates! I even helped out at the DJ booth even though I had no idea what I was doing.


The event took place on Saturday the 27th Jan and since it only started at around 4:30pm, they were only able to run 2 rounds. The next 3 rounds and grand final will take place on the next windiest day. Be sure to keep a look out on the North Kiteboarding Instagram stories to see my updates on the day! And check out the write up I did for Kiteoul Magazine with all the updates of the day HERE (Note: It was translated into Italian)


The 48hr call has been made, so they are hoping to run the event this Wednesday the 31st Jan. Let’s hope for some strong wind and record breaking jumps!

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