Best hiking in Cape Town

My previous blog, How to start hiking, shared some tips for those wanting to get into hiking. And for those of you living in or visiting Cape Town, here are some tips on where to go hiking!

Hiking Lion’s Head

For me personally, I always love a good hike up Lion’s Head. It’s an easy hike up the mountain, with a few chains, ladders and steeper sections just to keep things interesting. No matter the weather, the views from on top are incredible and always worth the climb. Although since it is such a popular hike it can get extremely crowded and sometimes you even need to stand in queue just to get past certain narrow sections. Table Mountain is also a great hike – I have done a few routes up, from the easiest ones to the most advanced, hair-raising routes but I have always taken the cable car back down. I was interested to know what the more dedicated hikers considered as the best hiking in Cape Town:

Chris scrambling up Kloof Ridge Corner

Chris Bond (@adventureboyct) Personal trainer and mountain guide

So when someone asks me what’s my favoutite hike? I’m like mmm that’s a tough one. There are so many in a 2 hour radius of Cape Town. So I’ve thought a bit and Kloof Corner Ridge gets a thumbs up!

It’s as local as I can get, leaving from the Table Mountain cableway or thereabout. Sunsets are the best looking down the apostles over the ocean and Lion’s Head. I love the rock scrambling and the fact that you can veer off the path to make your own way up! I usually return down India Venster with a head light but could just as easily have gone up to the cable station for a beer and a ride down. There are numerous routes you can plan from here.


I would only recommend Kloof corner if you have done India Venster (also a great hike and I really enjoy it). Go with someone experienced or a guide who can bring a short rope for you in case you need a hand up the chains. Everyone I have brought here has loved it and it’s been one of the best experiences! Happy hiking!


Nicolene hiking Silvermine

Nicolene Venter (@_nicoleneventer_) Adventure and fitness lover

I love hiking because it’s a different form of fitness to gym, you get to see things you don’t see every day, it helps reduce stress and it’s something you can do with or without others.

My newest favourite is Silvermine. It’s the most beautiful and peaceful hike I’ve done and there are many side trails to take while doing it. Table Mountain is a must, at least once in a lifetime and Lion’s Head is amazing for sunset hikes. The next one on my bucket list is Crystal Caves.

Have you been hiking in Cape Town? Let me know, I would love to hear about your experiences of Mother nature in the Mother city! New to hiking? Check out my tips on How to start hiking

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Happy hiking!

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