Off the Map jewellery – for travel and adventure

“Travel opens your heart, broadens your mind and fills your life with stories to tell.” – Paula Bendfelt

The beauty of life is finding what makes us tick. For adventurous people that one thing can be travelling the world, trying new adventures or pushing our bodies to the limits in sporting events – or all of the above! Either way, once we find that one thing we love to do or while we go on our journey to find it, we all want a way of commemorating our love for adventure. I recently came across Off the Map Jewellery and I love that it helps those adventurers out there express themselves and keep travel memories alive.


All the jewellery from Off the Map is lovingly hand-made using solid precious metals and are perfect for both men and women.

The necklaces are all available in different chain lengths and styles and can be engraved.


Who will love this jewelry? 

World travellers: Being a world traveller myself, I particularly love the “travel safe” themed jewellery and St. Christopher compass pendants. These would make an amazing gift for travel lovers, gap year students or gift to yourself to commemorate a long journey.

Sea lovers: I’m a sea lover too, so I was instantly drawn to the anchor pendants


Sports lovers – cycling, running, climbing, and more! For those who love sports, Off the Map has many different sport themed rings, necklaces and bracelets. From a climbing carabiner necklace, a bicycle themed ring and a marathon or triathlon necklace, they have a large variety and offer customization on certain items!


People who don’t wear jewellery: Don’t like wearing jewellery? They also offer keyrings and rucksack charms!


Saint Christopher – Did you know?

A lot of the jewellery available from Off the Map is themed around St Christopher. I was interested in finding out more about him and why he is the favoured saint when it comes to travel and safety. I found this very interesting and inspirational read of the Off the Map website:

“Saint Christopher is most widely recognised as the patron saint of travellers. Many people would never dream of going on a trip without wearing a St Christopher or carrying some kind of lucky talisman with them.


The story behind the medallion comes from the tale of Saint Christopher helping a child across a river. A child approached Saint Christopher and asked to be helped across. The saint obliged – but as he crossed, the river rose and the child’s weight grew and grew until he became extremely heavy. It was only with great determination that Saint Christopher was able to forge the river and safely deliver the child to the other side.

When they reached the other side, Saint Christopher asked the child why he was so heavy. The child explained that He was Christ – and when Saint Christopher carried Him, he also carried the weight of the whole world on his shoulders. The child then vanished.

Stories say Saint Christopher travelled widely after this experience, and evangelised thousands of people. Arriving in Lycia in ancient Asia Minor he witnessed Christians being martyred, and was captured and ordered to offer a sacrifice to the Emperor. He refused, so the Emperor attempted to persuade him with the temptation of money and women. However, he converted the women who were sent to seduce him to Christianity.

Following this the Emperor decided to have him killed. Various attempts to assassinate him failed, but eventually he was arrested and beheaded.

The name “Christopher” means Christ-bearer – the man who carried the Christ Child across the river. Saint Christopher didn’t become popular in the Church until the 7th Century, about three centuries after his death. It was around this time that churches and monasteries began to be named after him.”



All the jewellery is available for purchase online and they offer FREE worldwide shipping on all orders! To shop all their collections: SHOP HERE

And don’t forget to tag Off the Map on Instagram and Facebook in all your adventures wearing their jewellery! #GetOffTheMap


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