What’s in my beach bag?

One of the best things after a kitesurfing session, or any time spent in or on the water, is hanging out with your friends afterwards to discuss the session. There’s nothing nicer than getting a bite to eat or a refreshing drink and reliving your time on the water. So, the last thing you want is to be sitting there, all salty and windblown, wishing you could rather go home and shower. Let’s face it, most of us look like a drowned rat after a long day on the water. Of course, during your session, the last thing you could possibly care about is your appearance. You’re in the moment. You are one with nature and it’s a beautiful experience. But then once it’s all over and you are on dry land everything changes. You look in the mirror and wonder if you’ve always looked like a road-kill rodent. Your eyes are red, your skin is blue and your face is caked with a mixture of sunscreen and sand. And although you haven’t worn make-up in days, there’s a dark ring of mascara around your eyes. Your lips are small and cracked and your hair is a big birds nest. Or is it just me??


I’m going to share with you my top 5 items I always carry in my beach bag to ensure you look and feel fresh and sun-kissed, instead of ratty, after your session. (These are besides the things you should always have in your car anyway like sunscreen, water, snacks and a kite repair kit/wax/extra leash)

These items will get you from beach to burger in less than 5 minutes!

  1. Face Wipes – I can’t go anywhere without my face and body wipes! I always have lots of sand and sunscreen stuck to my face after being in the water – and just rinsing my face off with water doesn’t take it off. I love these face wipes from BON Natural Oils, since they are great for your whole body and are anti-bacterial and enriched with natural oils (rose hip oil, eucalyptus oil, avocado oil, lavender oil and bacopa monniera extract.) I’ve even had my husband and his friends asking if they can use some after their session!

    Face Wipes
  2. Conditioner – Conditioner is a game changer! Put some (actually a lot, more is more in this case) on your hair before you go into the water. I usually tie my hair up as well unless I’m having photos taken. The conditioner will protect your hair from the sun, wind and salt and after your session your hair will look amazing and smooth. It will also leave your hair manageable and untangled and make it easier to wash once you get home. I am currently using this one from OGX – the strength and body bamboo fiber-full, which I am VERY happy with. But you can use any conditioner, and since you are keeping it in your beach bag and putting a lot on your hair, you can get away with getting a cheap one. Check out: Surfer Girl Hair Care for more tips.

  3. Lip Balm – I love the Island Tribe lip balm and take it with me everywhere I go. The wind can cause your lips to become very chapped and this is the only lip balm I have found that actually makes a big difference. Not only that, but it is also a sunsceen and it’s important to put sunscreen on ALL sun exposed areas, and that includes your lips!

    Lip balm
  4. BB Cream – I love the BB cream from Sorbet, but Garnier also has a good one. After cleaning your face, you can put it on your skin and cover up imperfections. If you kitesurf in cold water or do watersports in cold areas, then your face is really cold after your session which can make it look blue and pale. So the BB cream also helps liven up your complexion. It also moisturises your skin after the sun and sea has dried it out. It has a light, natural coverage, so it makes a big difference, but it won’t look like you are wearing make-up. BB creams always contain a sunsceen as well, so your skin will stay protected from the sun, even after you have wiped off your sunscreen.

    BB Cream
  5. Moisturiser – Some of you may not notice this, but after coming out of the sea, your skin can be so dry and salty that it makes your arms and legs look dry and scaly. For some reason my hands always become extremely dry after kitesurfing and it drives me crazy! That’s why I love putting some moisturiser on after my session. If I can’t go home and shower straight away, this at least helps my skin not to feel too dry and salty. This moisturiser from BON Natural Oils is great because it is for hands and body and and is safe to use on sensitive and dry skin.


If you want to put in a little more effort you can also add these items to your beach bag: deodorant, hair bands, hair brush, eye-drops and additional make-up.

Worried that you’re going to look like a weirdo while doing this beauty routine after your session? These steps will actually only take a few of minutes. After my session, I always change out of my wetsuit first, then quickly go sit in the car and wipe my face, put on BB cream, deodrant and lip balm. Loosen my hair and if I need to, then I will put body lotion on my arms and legs or sometimes just my hands – depending on what I am wearing. Then I get out of the car and pack all my gear into the car. Ready to go! Your hair will look great because of the conditioner, but if you like, you can rinse it with fresh water from a water bottle too. The guys usually take their time and chat, so I’m often ready before they are. And there you go, looking and feeling fresh, ready to walk or drive to go grab a bite to eat. You won’t feel embarrassed about looking like a drowned rat, and you also won’t look like you’ve put on make-up and made a big, unnecessary fuss. People will say “did you go on the water today? you look amazing!” and most importantly, you’ll feel amazing too.


As you can tell, I LOVE BON Natural Oils. Their products are packed full of natural ingredients and natural oils. I have been using their liquid gold pure tissue oil for a year now and I highly recommend it! Especially for us active women who get dry skin and scars more easily.

Shop more BON products HERE

Thank you to BON for supporting me in my Mrs South Africa journey

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