Cape Town to Cannon Rocks with Peugeot

jumping off peugeot

We recently went on a road trip from Cape Town to Cannon Rocks and got the opportunity to drive the SUV Peugeot 5008. It turned out to be the perfect car for road tripping since it was so comfortable and spacious. Even our puppy approved!

My favourite features:

  • The space! We had more than enough space for all our kitesurfing equipment, luggage bags and even a big space for our puppy to play.
  • The extra 2 seats hidden within the boot. You can transform the boot into extra seating by unfolding the 2 extra seats stored at the back. We managed to fit 7 people, 1 baby in a car seat and 2 dogs in the car with no problem at all! We even had space for our bags right at the back. These extra seats can also be removed from the car completely, leaving you with a bigger, deeper boot.
  • As long as you have the key near you (in your hand, pocket, handbag, etc) you can lock the car by simply placing a finger on one of the front door handles. Once you do this, the lights flash and the side mirrors turn inwards, indicating that it is locked. And then you can unlock it by pulling the handle and as you open the door the mirrors turn back to their original position. You can also open the boot by putting your foot under the back of the car – check it out in my video below! This is such a cool feature that I actually noticed people staring at the car in absolute wonder anytime I opened to door or boot!
  • The cockpit looks like something out of a movie. The steering wheel is more rectangular/oval than round and you feel almost like you’re flying a plane. Yet it is amazingly user friendly!
  • Comfort. Since the steering wheel is so small and almost rectangular, you look over it, instead of through it. So you feel like you are sitting up a little higher than usual and you can see more. The seats are also very comfortable and you feel like they are molded to your body. Driving for hours at a time was no effort at all!
  • Lastly, the steering lane assist feature was a huge plus. Love it or hate it, there is no denying how revolutionary and safe this is. When this feature is switched on, the car senses the lines in the road, so that when the car veers off towards the line, it automatically pulls you back into your lane. The wheels actually move by themselves to keep you in your lane! So if you look away for a moment or start to fall asleep, the car will keep you safely in your lane.


Check out the video of our trip below:


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