My Aquasky Water delivery

Did you know that Aquasky Water delivers bottled water straight to your door? Sure, there are many companies that do that. But what sets Aquasky is apart, is that their water is not like regular spring water – their water is atmospheric generated water – meaning that it comes from the sky! Aquasky harvests water from the condensation in the air, filters it, and then bottles it. Not only does this mean that is tastes amazing, but it also naturally comes out with a high PH and also makes for a more sustainable way of producing water. It truly is the art of pure water. For more info on how the water harvesting process works, check out my interview with the owner and founder, Brendan Williamson, HERE

Following along with their aim to be more sustainable, Aquasky offers a water delivery service where they can deliver their water in glass bottles, and then once you are ready for your next order, they can collect your empty bottles to be re-used and credit your account. For now, their delivery zones are:

Greater Cape Region and Winelands towns of Paarl, Stellenbosch and Franschhoek

Of course, they also offer plastic bottles for delivery, since that is still what most people want (don’t forget to recycle after use!)

COMING SOON – look out for their eco-bottles (plant based, plastic-free bottles that look and feel like plastic!) launching on the online store soon!

So, if you’d like “my” delivery truck to deliver your pure water straight to your door, then check out their online shop HERE

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