Review: ASUS 13 Slate VivoBook

Work and play anywhere, any time with the 13 Slate Vivobook from ASUS. This vivobook is the perfect companion to take along on all my adventures. Whether I’m working from a coffee shop, catching up on e-mails before I hit the beach, leisurely browsing the net, listening to music when I’m out and about, or streaming my favourite shows at home.

The 13 Slate has everything I look for in a laptop and after trying it out, these are my top 5 favourite features:

– 2-in-1 notebook. I LOVE that you can use it as a simple tablet and make use of the stylus or touchscreen, and then set it up like a laptop using the easily detachable keyboard cover and magnetic kickstand. I personally can’t do work like my e-mails and blogging, on a device without a keyboard, and the keyboard on this device is just perfect. But then I also have the freedom to detach the keyboard and use just the screen as my device.

– OLED screen. This screen is really something special – and when you think about it, the quality of the screen is a big deal. In simple terms, an OLED screen means that the colours on the screen will be richer, have higher contrasts, better motion quality and deeper blacks. When I first started using it, I didn’t even realise that the screen brightness was turned down, since the colours still looked so bright. And yet when I turned the brightness up all the way, the colours still remained bright, instead of going dull, as with a regular LED screen. This laptop also emits 70% less harmful blue light, without compromising on colour accuracy and display quality. There’s really no better way to stream your favourite shows!

– Dual cameras. With a 5MP selfie camera and 13MP rear camera, video calls are clearer than ever before and you have the ability to take photos with your device too!

– 13.3 inch touch screen. I think this device is just the perfect size and weight! The screen is small enough to work as a tablet on it’s own, but also big enough to effortlessly use a laptop with a keyboard. It is also super thin (7.9mm) and light (785g), and comes with a small handy carry bag.

– Funky green look. I love the subtle yet unique look of this laptop. The stand cover has a textured splattered finish and the device itself has some funky green details.

Some other features I can’t help but mention are:

– Windows 11 Home

– Fingerprint sensor

– Fast-charging (charges to 60% in just 39 mins)

– U p to 9.5 hours battery life

– Supports power bank charging

– 4 interchangeable stylus pen tips

– WiFi 6 for better connectivity

Now you can work and play all on one device, and take it with you on all your adventures!

2 thoughts on “Review: ASUS 13 Slate VivoBook”

  1. Hey Michelle. That is amazing to see someone so passionate. Keep going and posting.

    Also in CT. Amazing place

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