Things in my house that just make sense (Kitesurfing edition!)

There’s a social media trend that’s been going around showing off “Things in my house.. (or in a specific place) that just make sense.” People use this to show off practical, amazing or even sarcastic things that make sense in their house. Or that doesn’t make any sense at all! Either way, I thought it was time to add a kitesurfing edition to this trend!

Some of the things in my video are clearly a joke, like the random old camera equipment that is mainly broken (why do we hold onto these things!?) and the “cute guy to wash my gear.” Neil does often wash my kite gear for me though, and I would highly recommend having someone like this in your house haha!

But then there were some things I mentioned that were very practical, so I thought I’d share a little more about my top 3 life-hacks you need in your house if you are a kitesurfer or do any type of watersport.

  1. Hooks in your garage to hang up your gear – I’m sure a lot of you already do this, but if you don’t, then you are missing out! Not only does it save space in your garage, but it also helps your gear to dry properly in case it is still a little damp. It also makes packing the car a lot quicker and helps you to not leave anything behind.

2. A clothing rail to hang up swimwear, wetsuits and poncho towels – for the longest time, I just used to store my wetsuits in the garage, throw my bikinis in a cupboard drawer and my poncho towels never really found a spot to be stored. Not having a good place to hang my wetsuits became a problem, because they never got a change to dry and aerate properly, so they would get a build up of bacteria and give me a rash. (Sorry, maybe TMI, but I’m sure we’ve all had this happen!) Your wetsuit can also get damaged if it is not hung up properly after each session. I also had a problem with finding a place to store my bikinis, in a neat, efficient way. I then had the idea to use a clothing rail to hang everything up and I was so surprised by how well it worked! (You can also just use hanging space in your cupboard, if you have the space. And for a budget, DIY option, you could also just hang up a metal bar/curtain rail and hang your things up on there) This allows you to keep all your bikinis organised and keep matching pieces together. It also keeps your wetsuits, rash vests, impact vets, etc together for easy access. It also keeps them protected and ensures that you won’t lose them. You can also use this to hang up your poncho towel or a place to store regular towels. I didn’t have space on the rail to also hang my ponchos, so I added hooks onto our bedroom door for these.

3. Ready-to-grab water – Staying hydrated during your sport is so important! I love to take a water bottle with me in the car, to drink before and after my session so that I stay hydrated and healthy. Having bottles of water already in the fridge makes it so easy to just grab and go. Our regular fridge is very small so I was so happy to get this “drinks fridge” from the 1950’s that my dad restored for us. It is in full working condition and the perfect place to store my bottled water. Aquasky Water offers a service where you can order bottled water in glass bottles, and they can also collect the bottles once you are done and then have them refilled. They offer still and sparkling in a variety of sizes. And as a added bonus, their water is generated atmospherically, meaning they harvest the water directy from the air. They then filter and sterilise it through ultraviolet, ensuring high quality, clean water with a natural high PH (making it much healthier than most bottled water out there) Order your water HERE

Have you discovered any other home life-hacks that make your life easier as a water sports lover? Let me know in the comments!

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