Things in my house that just make sense (Kitesurfing edition!)

There's a social media trend that's been going around showing off "Things in my house.. (or in a specific place) that just make sense." People use this to show off practical, amazing or even sarcastic things that make sense in their house. Or that doesn't make any sense at all! Either way, I thought it… Continue reading Things in my house that just make sense (Kitesurfing edition!)

Review: ASUS 13 Slate VivoBook

Work and play anywhere, any time with the 13 Slate Vivobook from ASUS. This vivobook is the perfect companion to take along on all my adventures. Whether I’m working from a coffee shop, catching up on e-mails before I hit the beach, leisurely browsing the net, listening to music when I’m out and about, or… Continue reading Review: ASUS 13 Slate VivoBook

Surfer girl gift ideas (+ discount codes!)

As a watersports enthusiast and ocean lover whose number one love language is gifts, I am so excited about this blog! I am so happy to share some of my favourite products that any ocean-loving girls would love. (P.S. the last 2 on the list would be great for guys too!) I love the idea… Continue reading Surfer girl gift ideas (+ discount codes!)

The Gift of Sight

The first thing I noticed was the birds. The way I could almost see each and every feather from a great distance away. The way the sunset's light reflected off them as they flew, allowing me to appreciate their delicate movements. The way they seemed to fly in slow motion, as I took in each… Continue reading The Gift of Sight


I recently wrote this piece in a Facebook post and I got such an overwhelmingly good response that I have decided to share it here too: "I am so passionate about my country and it's the reason why I decided to take part in the Tammy Taylor Mrs South Africa 👑 In a time of political and economical… Continue reading #IChooseSouthAfrica

Finalist! #TammyTaylorMrsSA19

"And one day she discovered that she was fierce, and strong, and full of fire, and that not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears." - Mark Anthony Since March this year, I have been a semi-finalist in the Tammy Taylor Mrs South Africa. (Semi-finalist! #TammyTaylorMrsSA19) This included… Continue reading Finalist! #TammyTaylorMrsSA19

Off the Map jewellery – for travel and adventure

The beauty of life is finding what makes us tick. For adventurous people that one thing can be travelling the world, trying new adventures or pushing our bodies to the limits in sporting events - or all of the above! Either way, once we find that one thing we love to do or while we go on our journey to find it, we all want a way of commemorating our love for adventure. I recently came across Off the Map Jewellery and I love that it helps those adventurers out there express themselves and keep travel memories alive.

5 gift ideas for adventurers

It's the most wonderful time of the year! But it can also be a difficult time of the year for some when it comes to buying gifts! I have compiled a list of my top 5 gift ideas for adventurers - whether they are kitesurfers, surfers, hikers or just love getting outdoors - there is… Continue reading 5 gift ideas for adventurers