New Video – kitesurfing Aruba

For our recent trip to Aruba, I had the opportunity to borrow a friend's Dazzne Cam, so that I could take some footage of our kitesurfing adventures. I took a selfie stick and a board mount with to make the filming more interesting, but the second day there we managed to break the mounting that… Continue reading New Video – kitesurfing Aruba

Kitesurfing Aruba

All the websites giving information about the kitesurfing in Aruba described it seemingly unrealistic. They said the wind blows 18 - 27 knots, the weather is always hot, it does not rain, the water is warm. They did not say these conditions occurred during a certain season, but all seasons. Year-round wind, it sounded too… Continue reading Kitesurfing Aruba

Our recent world travels

Now that I've recovered from my jet lag, I can tell you all about the little "world tour" we recently embarked on. Our journey started off in New York City for 3 days which we won from my husbands' work. It exceeded my expectations and more! We stayed on the 42nd floor in a beautiful… Continue reading Our recent world travels