How to start Kitesurfing

" will be flying through the air in no time" How to start Kitesurfing: Go for lessons at a reliable kite instructor. Most kite shops will be able to teach you or guide you in the right direction in terms of finding an instructor. The instructor will teach you everything you need to know! They… Continue reading How to start Kitesurfing

10 reasons to start Kitesurfing

" always feel like a superhero when you are doing it." It is easy, safe and fun Yes, kitesurfing is easy! After just a handful of lessons by a good instructor, you will be up and riding! It is such a fun, adrenalin-filled sport that you won’t mind the learning curve as you will be… Continue reading 10 reasons to start Kitesurfing

New look!

I guess you can call me a blogger now! Welcome to my new website with a whole new look! I have decided to focus more on the blogging aspect of to document not only my kitesurfing adventures and travels, but also my lifestyle outside of kitesurfing. Unfortunately there are days when the wind does… Continue reading New look!