"...to be clear I don’t care if people want to post butts on Instagram, but if it’s supposed to be a kiteboarding picture I want #bangersnotbutts everytime." - Ben Gillespie, The Kite Mag

New look!

I guess you can call me a blogger now! Welcome to my new website with a whole new look! I have decided to focus more on the blogging aspect of michellesky.com to document not only my kitesurfing adventures and travels, but also my lifestyle outside of kitesurfing. Unfortunately there are days when the wind does… Continue reading New look!


Today marks exactly 20 years since my heart operation! I was only 4 years old. I was scared, confused, & awake during the entire operation. It really affected me & I still think about it often. I still think about the bright light above me & the strangers staring down as I lie on the… Continue reading 8/8/2016