Maaji Swimwear Giveaway

"Little art pieces, made in Columbia with love..." - Maaji Swimwear  I am so excited to reveal my first Instagram giveaway with Maaji Swimwear South Africa! Just in time for summer and the festive season! 

Maaji Swimwear stockists in Cape Town

Anyone who knows me, knows I am obsessed with Maaji Swimwear! From the perfect fit to their enchanting prints. But why not find out for yourself and grab one for the Cape Town summer!? Maaji is stocked at all these gorgeous boutiques across Cape Town: Madison Boutique - Constantia Indian Summer - Newlands Coco li… Continue reading Maaji Swimwear stockists in Cape Town


Today marks exactly 20 years since my heart operation! I was only 4 years old. I was scared, confused, & awake during the entire operation. It really affected me & I still think about it often. I still think about the bright light above me & the strangers staring down as I lie on the… Continue reading 8/8/2016

New Video – kitesurfing Aruba

For our recent trip to Aruba, I had the opportunity to borrow a friend's Dazzne Cam, so that I could take some footage of our kitesurfing adventures. I took a selfie stick and a board mount with to make the filming more interesting, but the second day there we managed to break the mounting that… Continue reading New Video – kitesurfing Aruba