I recently wrote this piece in a Facebook post and I got such an overwhelmingly good response that I have decided to share it here too: "I am so passionate about my country and it's the reason why I decided to take part in the Tammy Taylor Mrs South Africa 👑 In a time of political and economical… Continue reading #IChooseSouthAfrica

Kiteboarding Cape Town

With all the magnificent kiteboarding spots in the world, why choose Cape Town? It is one of the top spots in the world, but what makes it so great and what does it have to offer you? We have the Red Bull Kind of the Air which usually takes place in January. Throughout the summer… Continue reading Kiteboarding Cape Town

Top 3 GoPro mounts for Kitesurfing

If there's one thing Kitesurfers love, it's photos of themselves Kitesurfing! Once you get a waterproof camera, you need to get a mount or two to position your camera in the perfect place to get that interesting angle for your photos and videos. There are so many GoPro/Action camera mounts out there these days which are… Continue reading Top 3 GoPro mounts for Kitesurfing

How to start Kitesurfing

"...you will be flying through the air in no time" How to start Kitesurfing: Go for lessons at a reliable kite instructor. Most kite shops will be able to teach you or guide you in the right direction in terms of finding an instructor. The instructor will teach you everything you need to know! They… Continue reading How to start Kitesurfing

Maaji Swimwear stockists in Cape Town

Anyone who knows me, knows I am obsessed with Maaji Swimwear! From the perfect fit to their enchanting prints. But why not find out for yourself and grab one for the Cape Town summer!? Maaji is stocked at all these gorgeous boutiques across Cape Town: Madison Boutique - Constantia Indian Summer - Newlands Coco li… Continue reading Maaji Swimwear stockists in Cape Town

Summer competitions 2016/2017

Spring has arrived in Cape Town! Not only have the flowers started blooming, but the warmer weather and summery winds have started to show up too. I am so glad the freezing wintery sessions are slowly ending and soon we will be able to kitesurf without our fingers turning blue! Don't get me wrong, I've actually been enjoying… Continue reading Summer competitions 2016/2017

Kitesurfing Aruba

All the websites giving information about the kitesurfing in Aruba described it seemingly unrealistic. They said the wind blows 18 - 27 knots, the weather is always hot, it does not rain, the water is warm. They did not say these conditions occurred during a certain season, but all seasons. Year-round wind, it sounded too… Continue reading Kitesurfing Aruba

Our recent world travels

Now that I've recovered from my jet lag, I can tell you all about the little "world tour" we recently embarked on. Our journey started off in New York City for 3 days which we won from my husbands' work. It exceeded my expectations and more! We stayed on the 42nd floor in a beautiful… Continue reading Our recent world travels

The last competition of the season

The summer in Cape Town seems to be hanging around for as long as possible, keeping the wind and warm weather around, and keeping the smiles broadly pasted on our faces! The last competition of the season for the South African Tour was held last this past Sunday at my favourite kiting spot, Shark Bay… Continue reading The last competition of the season

New Direction – North!

I started the year off with a bang! By moving to North and ION, and what a great decision it was! So far I have been loving my Dice's and my pink and blue Soleil board and WOOHOO wave board. And I got a great new wetsuit and harness from ION. My riding has definitely… Continue reading New Direction – North!

#maajiness competition by Maaji Swimwear

I won! And what a way to receive the news… I had just sat down at the local beach bar in Blouberg called “Pakalolo,” after having a great kitesurfing session, when I went onto Instagram and saw a message from Maaji saying that I had won! It was an Instagram competition where you had to… Continue reading #maajiness competition by Maaji Swimwear

SAKA competition – 16th January

I was in so much pain the day before the competition, that I couldn’t kite. Every little wave or impact I encountered on the water was painful. My session lasted about 5 minutes, before I decided to pack up and write off my chances of competing the next day. Rewind back to one week earlier,… Continue reading SAKA competition – 16th January