Off the Map jewellery – for travel and adventure

The beauty of life is finding what makes us tick. For adventurous people that one thing can be travelling the world, trying new adventures or pushing our bodies to the limits in sporting events - or all of the above! Either way, once we find that one thing we love to do or while we go on our journey to find it, we all want a way of commemorating our love for adventure. I recently came across Off the Map Jewellery and I love that it helps those adventurers out there express themselves and keep travel memories alive.

Hotel Sweet Home Egypt

"Home Sweet Home" - it's a saying that warms the heart. It's what comes to mind when thinking of your own home, your parents or grandparents home. It evokes loving thoughts of family, home baked meals and laughter-filled get-togethers. It is also a saying that comes to my mind when thinking of the hotel we recently stayed at in Egypt. It's no wonder the hotel is called Sweet Home!

Coral (Poem)

    (A poem about an ancient piece of Coral I found in the Egyptian desert)   Coral   Out of the countless ones you were chosen. You were just right. Intricately formed, though plain Like papyrus.   You blend in though I cannot pass you without your eyes piercing straight through me.   I… Continue reading Coral (Poem)

New look!

I guess you can call me a blogger now! Welcome to my new website with a whole new look! I have decided to focus more on the blogging aspect of to document not only my kitesurfing adventures and travels, but also my lifestyle outside of kitesurfing. Unfortunately there are days when the wind does… Continue reading New look!