Top Billing shoot

Phew.. I am so exhausted after the interview shoot yesterday for Top Billing!

We started off in my little 3 month old Pilates studio – where I taught the presenter, Jeannie D, some exercises. I didn’t realize how much filming, planning, on-the-spot brainstorming and sentence repeating went into just one scene!

But I won’t give too much away – you’ll have to watch it in March 😉  I am looking forward to watching it all put together – funny, action-packed and inspiring as I am sure it will be.

Lastly, we went to Big Bay for the kite surfing part of the interview. The wind was quite strong already but not too strong for Jeannie to body-drag with an instructor and for me to boost some airs. This was definitely my favourite part of the interview as my nerves blew away as soon as I stepped into the wind!

Getting ready for kitesurfing!


j&m kite













Despite a wet camera, an angry windsurfer and a drunk laughing woman on the beach, it was a great day! I am so grateful for this amazing opportunity and am also glad that I also got to speak about my blogging and giving back to the community. I also had a fantastic time working with the innovative and high-energy Top Billing crew!



All smiles after a successful kitesurfing day!
All smiles after a successful kitesurfing day!












A big thanks and heaps of brownie points to my boyfriend for not only staying there the whole day but for also running to the shop to buy me powder when my face was shiny, setting up my kites, organizing gear for the Jeannie, making me laugh when the day was getting tiring and for taking me out for drinks and oysters to celebrate! I couldn’t have done it without you!

I am going to miss having a camera crew follow me around and ask me constantly if I need water but so far this one day without it is going okay…

Until tomorrow when the wind blows! xxx


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