Girl Power


The Essence of a Female Kitesurfer

“She is not afraid to rough it out with the guys in the harshest conditions and her cupboard is readily stocked with bikinis, board shorts, sports bras and wetsuits; ready for anything. Ready to take on the ocean! But she has also made a mental note of each of these outfits and weighed out comfort vs. style and she has that one lucky outfit which has it all. She is not afraid to let her hair blow in the wind but she also determines the days she washes her hair according to the days that there are wind. She uses her gear to the best of its ability, but also does her best to carefully match her kite and board colours. Sometimes, just like the men, she has no fear, but other times she has a struggle between taking risks and being careful. Just like the guys, she gets frustrated when other riders cut her off or get in her way, but most of the time she waves and politely smiles in her carefree way.

You know who I am talking about, right? A female kitesurfer of course!”

Check out the full insert of my article in the latest issue of Kitesoul Magazine

…Including my interviews with Dioneia Vieira, Jessica Winkler & Kayleigh Smith

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