My Aquasky Water delivery

Did you know that Aquasky Water delivers bottled water straight to your door? Sure, there are many companies that do that. But what sets Aquasky is apart, is that their water is not like regular spring water - their water is atmospheric generated water - meaning that it comes from the sky!


I recently wrote this piece in a Facebook post and I got such an overwhelmingly good response that I have decided to share it here too: "I am so passionate about my country and it's the reason why I decided to take part in the Tammy Taylor Mrs South Africa 👑 In a time of political and economical… Continue reading #IChooseSouthAfrica

Surfer Girl Hair Care

"Invest in your hair, it is the crown you never take off" I've always had a problem with my hair. Whether it was from sun damage, tying it up constantly or just plain not liking the colour, I've had it all! I started colouring my own hair when I was at school and soon realised that… Continue reading Surfer Girl Hair Care

Best hiking in Cape Town

My previous blog, How to start hiking, shared some tips for those wanting to get into hiking. And for those of you living in or visiting Cape Town, here are some tips on where to go hiking! For me personally, I always love a good hike up Lion's Head. It's an easy hike up the… Continue reading Best hiking in Cape Town

How to start Hiking

"What I love most about hiking is that I get to experience places that only a handful of people get to experience in real life. Photos and videos give you an idea, but it's nothing like actually being there." - Jacob Keele

Swimming with Penguins

Boulders Beach in Simons Town, Cape Town is one of the big tourist attractions and "must see" destinations when visiting the Mother City. Everyone who visits takes endless photos of the friendly penguins, amazed at how tame and docile they are. But have you ever swam with the penguins? I'm sure the answer to that… Continue reading Swimming with Penguins

Wearable Hydration with Wetsleeve

My dad has always said "Kitesurfers never drink enough water!" Well dad, that won't be a problem for me anymore! In fact, many sportspeople in and out of the water struggle to stay hydrated while doing their sport since it is inconvenient and sometimes impossible to carry a water bottle. That is why I am so excited to tell you about Wetsleeve.

Extreme winter kitesurfing

"It takes some time to get used to changing clothes outside in 0C..." - Marko Marjamaa I've never been a winter person. In Cape Town, the sky is dark whenever the wind blows since it usually only blows when there’s a storm brewing. The cold North West wind is not as consistent as our summer’s… Continue reading Extreme winter kitesurfing

Kiteboarding Cape Town

With all the magnificent kiteboarding spots in the world, why choose Cape Town? It is one of the top spots in the world, but what makes it so great and what does it have to offer you? We have the Red Bull Kind of the Air which usually takes place in January. Throughout the summer… Continue reading Kiteboarding Cape Town

Coral (Poem)

    (A poem about an ancient piece of Coral I found in the Egyptian desert)   Coral   Out of the countless ones you were chosen. You were just right. Intricately formed, though plain Like papyrus.   You blend in though I cannot pass you without your eyes piercing straight through me.   I… Continue reading Coral (Poem)

Going Back 2 Nature

I met with Chanel, the founder of the organic skincare company, Back 2 Nature, to talk about their remarkable, cruelty-free products. The aim of her company is to do exactly as the name states – to inspire people to go back to nature. Chanel strives to take all the raw and healing qualities from nature… Continue reading Going Back 2 Nature

Top 3 GoPro mounts for Kitesurfing

If there's one thing Kitesurfers love, it's photos of themselves Kitesurfing! Once you get a waterproof camera, you need to get a mount or two to position your camera in the perfect place to get that interesting angle for your photos and videos. There are so many GoPro/Action camera mounts out there these days which are… Continue reading Top 3 GoPro mounts for Kitesurfing

Girl Power

The Essence of a Female Kitesurfer "She is not afraid to rough it out with the guys in the harshest conditions and her cupboard is readily stocked with bikinis, board shorts, sports bras and wetsuits; ready for anything. Ready to take on the ocean! But she has also made a mental note of each of… Continue reading Girl Power