Surfer Girl Hair Care

“Invest in your hair, it is the crown you never take off”

I’ve always had a problem with my hair. Whether it was from sun damage, tying it up constantly or just plain not liking the colour, I’ve had it all! I started colouring my own hair when I was at school and soon realised that it was a bad idea. The colour never came out right and I usually ended up going to the salon to have it fixed. It also left my hair really damaged! When I started kitesurfing it wasn’t any better. I quickly learnt to tie up my hair when I’m in the water (expect when I do a photo shoot haha) and to use proper hair products. But it still wasn’t enough. Over the years my hair damage increased and the sun turned it so yellow that even a trip to the salon to have it coloured didn’t last very long and usually left it even MORE damaged. I got to the point where I thought I was going to have to cut all my hair off just to get rid of the extensive damage.


If you feel the same way as I do, do not fear! I am confidently writing this blog now with healthy, strong, damage free hair! (And I always LOVE the colour) It is growing faster than ever and it is the healthiest it has ever been. (And I haven’t had to cut my hair much at all!) I only colour my hair every few months and when I do, I don’t colour ALL my hair, mainly just the roots. I’ve found that with a good hair dresser, some top tips and good hair products my hair has drastically changed!

I have all the time in the world for people who follow their dreams and do what they can to live out their passion. My hair dresser, Adri Botha, is doing just that! Hair is her passion. She could do a french plait when she was just 4 years old and when she was in grade 10 she left school to pursue her dream of doing hair. She’s worked at a top salon in London but I am so glad she’s currently working in Cape Town. She’s been doing hair for 20 years and she says she doesn’t regret it one bit. “I’ve worked in an office environment before and I hated it. I could never go back and I love how doing hair is different every day. When you are doing your passion you will never regret it.” The first time I went to her, I really had no hope of getting rid of the damage. She said I had a lot of reasons for my hair damage: chemical damage from colouring it, heat damage from styling products, damage from not tying it properly and damage from the sun, sea and wind. I didn’t want to have to cut off all my hair to get rid of it. I wanted long healthy hair without having to get extensions. And somehow she made it happen! She’s truly taken my hair to another level and she’s willing to share some of her tips with us!


Adri’s top tips

  1. Tie your hair up when you go into the water.
  2. Always use a “telephone wire” hairband.
  3. If you don’t want to spend money on an expensive hair mask, use mayonnaise! Be sure to rinse it out thoroughly.
  4. Try to minimise the use of heated hair tools. And when using a hair straightener, don’t turn the heat up higher than 190 and only straighten each strand of hair once.
  5. When bleaching your hair, make sure it is dirty! The natural hair oils that are present in dirty hair will help protect your hair from damage and breakage.
  6. Strong peroxide will act quickly but it will leave your hair looking yellow and damaged. It is best to use a weaker strength and leave it in for longer. It sure is worth the wait!
  7. If your hair goes frizzy after blow drying, or if you feel that it takes your hair forever to dry, it probably means you need a new hair dryer.
  8. Take folic acid supplements for stronger hair and nails. It will also cause your hair to grow faster and thicker.
  9. And most importantly, don’t colour your own hair at home! It never ends well..
  10. On the day of your hair appointment, make sure you have plans for that evening because she always styles it so beautifully and insists that you go show off your new do.

I have BIG plans to one day make Adri my personal live-in hair stylist and travel buddy. But until that day comes, go book an appointment with her, you won’t be sorry! She is situated at Inn Hair at the Milnerton Mall, Milnerton, Cape Town. Check out her Facebook page and call her: 072 595 0981

Keep a hairband in your car to avoid using an emergency cable tie!


Hair products

I recently discovered Creme Hair Care products and I am so glad I did! Before I even tried the products I fell in love with their strong ethics: their products are cruelty-free (tested on clients only!), water wise and most of their products are completely free of sulphate, paraben, pvp, pvc, silicone and alcohol. The products are made in Cape Town, South Africa and are delivered right to your door, free shipping and all! They are also busy setting up their international shipping, but for the time being, contact them if you are living outside of South Africa and they will make special arrangements to get your products to you anywhere in the world.

Here are my top product picks:

  • Silver Shampoo – I can’t live without this!!! As a blonde who struggles with orange tones, I have tried ALL the silver/purple/blonde shampoos on the market and this is the ONLY one that actually makes a difference after just 1 wash. I can see why this is their most popular product! My mom and sister visited me recently and I made them try the shampoo. I was so impressed how my sisters yellow-blonde hair turned into a shiny platinum blonde after just one wash. My mom then also tried it (on her brown hair) and we were amazed at how her orange-toned highlights turned into the perfect dark blonde. I would recommend this for anyone who struggles with unwanted orange/yellow/bronze tones, anyone who spends a lot of time in the sun and anyone who needs to revitalize their hair! P.S. It’s sulphate free!
“I am always happier when my hair is happy”
  • Detangling Spray – this is perfect for my “surfer girl” hair! Not only does it detangle my knotty hair, it can also be used as a leave in conditioner. If you are spending a lot of time in the wind and water or wash your hair often, you need all the extra moisture you can get. This detangling spray is perfect for adding that extra moisture and protection before you hit the water and after you’ve washed it. It is lightweight so it doesn’t weigh down your hair or make it oily.
  • Smooth Oil – this is an Argan oil that smoothes, protects and defrizzes your hair. I use it after I wash my hair, mainly on the ends. It can also be used on your skin and has a natural sunscreen which also makes it the perfect travel companion and beach bag essential. Pro tip: keep it in your car/beach bag/hand bag to smooth over your hair before a session and on your skin after a session.
  • Clean Shampoo and Sulphate Free Conditioner – These are two amazing essential, must-have products. The clean shampoo is perfect for us water-loving girls since it removes build-up (like salt!) and I love the Sulphate Free Conditioner since it leaves my hair so soft, supple and frizz free.

Another thing I LOVE about Creme Hair Care is that they are constantly coming up with new formulas and improving their products. Besides the few I mentioned above, they have a large range of top quality products to suit each individual’s needs. Check out their full range HERE.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my top tips for surfer girl hair care. I am always happier when my hair is happy and with just a tiny bit more effort and a few small changes, I am happier than ever!


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